Pets are welcome at Turtle Nest Inn.
Pet policy at Turtle Nest Inn

We allow guests to have one dog or cat, per apartment, during their stay at Turtle Nest Inn, subject to the following regulations and restrictions, as suggested by the Cayman Islands Humane Society:

  1. Pets must be confined to the pet owner's rented premises, must not be allowed to roam free and may not be tied unattended in any common area. Pets in transit are to be carried, restrained by a leash or placed in an animal carrier.
  2. Guests who walk pets are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their animal, and discarding securely bagged pet droppings in the outdoor garbage bin enclosure.
  3. Cat litter may not be disposed of in toilets, nor may any pet waste be left in the apartment waste baskets or elsewhere after guests go out.
  4. Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pets to property in their, or any other, apartment, or in any common areas of the Inn. Any damage caused by cleaning chemicals or other such materials used in an attempt to remedy said damage is also the full responsability of each pet owner.
  5. No pet shall be allowed to become a nuisance or create any unreasonable disturbance. Examples of nuisance for the purposes of this paragraph are: a)Personal injury or property damage caused by unruly behaviour; b)Pets who make noise continuously/or incessantly for a period of 10 minutes or intermittently for a half-hour or more, to the disturbance of any person at any time of day or night; c)Pets in common areas who are not under the complete control of a responsible human companion, by being on a short hand-held leash, or in a pet carrier; d)Animals who relieve themselves on walls or floors of common areas; e)Animals who exhibit aggressive or vicious behaviour; f)Pets who are conspicuously unclean or parasite infested.
  6. Notwithstanding any other provision herein, people with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities may keep certified service dogs in their rented premises. Further, nothing herein shall hinder full access to the rented premises and the common areas by persons with disabilities.
  7. Feeding, caring for, or otherwise aiding stray animals is prohibited. Injured or stray animals shall be reported to the Department of Agriculture for collection, or taken to the Cayman Islands Humane Society.
  8. Pet owners shall indemnify the owners of Turtle Nest Inn and hold them harmless against loss or liability of any kind arising from their pet.
  9. Should any infraction of these regulations and restrictions be observed, the management of Turtle Nest Inn shall raise the infraction with pet owner in an effort to allow for the immediate voluntary compliance by the owner. If the complaint is not remedied voluntarily and immediately to the satisfaction of the Inn management, the pet owner agrees to either remove the pet from Turle Nest Inn with no further delay, or vacate the rented premises without refund for all of the reserved stay.
  10. Guests who plan on bringing their pet along on vacation, must advise the management of Turtle Nest Inn when reserving, and must agree to sign a copy of the present regulations and restrictions upon arrival, waiving all other recourse in the event of a dispute related to their pet..

Please note that government regulations do apply
when bringing a dog or cat along with you on vacation.
You can find out more by clicking on
Importation of Cats and Dogs.

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