Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Preparing for the island
  Aerial view of Grand Cayman. A Cayman Airways plane after landing on Grand Cayman. Aerial view of George Town harbour. NASA satellite shot of Grand Cayman.
offer regular, direct flights to
Grand Cayman from the
United States
-- and from
which cities?

There are daily flights from Miami (Cayman Airways, American Airlines), Tampa, (Cayman Airways), Atlanta (Delta Airlines), Philadelphia and Charlotte, NC (US Air). As well, there are direct flights from Detroit (Northwest Airlines -- seasonal), Houston (Continental Airlines) and Chicago (Cayman Airways and United Airlines). Cayman Airways offers three direct flights a week from New York (JFK). And, US Airways has announced a weekly direct flight from Boston every Saturday, begining on January 12th 2008. Direct flights on Cayman Airways from Dallas, Texas are to begin on June 23rd 2012. JetBlue is to begin direct flights from Boston and New York in November 2012. On June 4th 2017, Southwest Airlines began daily, year-round direct flights from Fort Lauderdale  at discounted fares.

Are there direct flights from elsewhere in the world (i.e., from elsewhere
than the USA)?

There are daily flights from Kingston, Jamaica (Cayman Airways). As well, there are a number of flights a week from London (British Airways, via Nassau), Havana, Cuba (Cayman Airways), Montego Bay, Jamaica (Cayman Airways), La Ceiba, Honduras (Cayman Airways) and Toronto, Canada (Air Canada and WestJet). Cayman Airways began regular, twice-weekly direct flights to Panama in May 2012, but cancelled the route shortly after.

How do we get to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman?

Everyone generally flies to the Sister Islands (Little Cayman and Cayman Brac) and we don't know of any accessible sea link -- unless you charter a boat privately. Island Air  and Cayman Airways are your only options. Another popular destination for a "side trip" from Grand Cayman is Cuba, with several direct flights a week on Cayman Airways.

Do we need to change money before or upon arrival -- at a bank or exchange?

No, US cash, travellers' cheques and major credit cards are accepted everywhere on the island, and at the same exchange rate as at the local banks. The Cayman Islands dollar (CI$) is worth US$1.25 -- US$1.00 is worth CI$0.80. This is a fixed rate, not subject to currency market fluctuations. We suggest that you reconvert any CI$ you have left into US$ before departing, as not all banks outside of the Cayman Islands will purchase our currency.

What is the CAN$ worth in Cayman?

Consult our website money converter for Canadian, US and other currencies. And, keep in mind that there's a slight advantage in bringing US$ travellers' cheques rather than cash -- you'll get CI$0.82 (instead of CI$0.80) for each US dollar, but only at a local bank.

Do we need adaptors or transformers for our electrical devices?

Not if you're from the USA or Canada -- all electrical outlets are 110VAC, 60 cycles. If you're from elsewhere, and your devices are dual-voltage (110VAC/240VAC), we have a good selection of plug adaptors at the Inn that will work with local outlets. We can also lend you a low-wattage transformer with which you can use a number of small, 220-240VAC devices (e.g., electric razors, toothbrushes, radios, phone chargers, etc.).

Is it the same time in the Cayman Islands and the USA?

Like the east coast of the USA (e.g., New York, Washington, Miami), the Cayman Islands are on Eastern Standard Time (EST), with no time difference between October and April. But, since we don't adjust our clocks for Daylight Saving Time, there is an hour difference between mid-April and mid-October. During those months, it's an hour earlier here.

Do US citizens have to have a passport to enter the Cayman Islands?

Yes, they do. Technically, you can enter with either a sworn affidavit prepared by a Justice of the Peace (or Notary Public), or a birth certificate along with photo identification. But, since January 23rd 2007, the US Department of Homeland Security requires that all travellers re-entering the US from the Caribbean by air, carry passports. As such, unless you're a legal resident of the Cayman Islands, the airlines will not let you board your flight from the USA without a passport.

Can we bring alcohol and cigarettes into the Cayman Islands?

To the best of our knowledge, all arriving passengers aged 18 years or older may bring with them up to one litre of spirits or four litres of wine or one case of beer (not exceeding eight litres). They can also bring in up to two hundred cigarettes or one hundred cigarillos or twenty-five cigars or two hundred and fifty grammes of tobacco. While alcohol is more pricey here, cigarettes are actually less costly on Grand Cayman than in most US states.

Are public holidays the same in Cayman as in the USA?

Although some are the same, like Christmas, and of course New Year's Day, etc., many are not.  There's no Independence Day, President's Day, etc. You can find the official list of holidays at the website of the Cayman Islands government. Supermarkets are closed on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday. Opening hours are limited on all other public holidays, from 9:00am to 6:00pm (instead of the normal 7:00am to 11:00pm.

Do you recommend renting
our own
vehicle --
a car
or jeep?

We're certain that you'll get more out of your vacation with your own vehicle -- and save money as well! There's really no other way to fully explore the island and have access to the full range of restaurants, including the more reasonably-priced ones. Grocery shopping at the supermarkets is difficult without a car. And, renting one for pick-up right at the airport is simple and affordable, given the discounted rates we've negociated. Other than the fun of open-air driving, there's no need for a jeep -- roads are good, there are no mountains, and driving on the beach is illegal.

Do we need a local driving permit?

Yes, but getting one is just a formality. The car rental agency will issue you a temporary driving permit for about US$20.00 (per driver), simply upon presentation of a valid driving permit from your home country. It's valid for six months, and no driving test is required.

Anything to rent on two wheels, like a moped, scooter, or bike?

Yes, they are available. We don't have rates posted at our website and don't recommend them because of safety concerns -- there's a high incidence of serious accidents involving tourists on scooters. And, although we have had guests who've arrived with their own bicycles and survived some long-distance biking on the island, there are no cycle paths, quite a bit of truck traffic, and most roads have just one lane in each direction.

Are taxis a viable alternative to renting a car?

Taxis are available, particularly at the airport, but phoning for one from elsewhere can be frustrating. And cab fare is very pricey. At about US$45 fare from the airport to the Inn (one way), renting a car for the whole day will cost you considerably less during low season -- and a couple of dollars more during high season.

Is there
regular bus service on Grand

Public transportation is fairly efficient during working hours, with buses usually every 30 minutes and a bus stop right next to the Inn. The bus from the Inn will take you to the central terminus in George Town, with a transfer and additional fare required to go on to anywhere along Seven Mile Beach. But service is limited to the island's main road, and sporadic during evenings and weekends, with no service to the airport.

Can we be
at the airport?

We regret that we can't. Hotels are prevented from picking up guests at the airport by local regulations adopted to protect island taxi drivers. And, the public transportation system does not include the aiport. Other than a taxi, the only option is a rental car.

Can we use our own cell phone while in the Cayman Islands?

Some guests with a wide-range roaming or satellite-based service have been able to use their phones, but you're best to check ahead with your cell service provider. If it doesn't work here, you'll have to go to a local phone company for connection and buy a "Pay as You Go" phone card sold in various denominations. Of course, your best bet is to leave your phone at home -- and check out our "World Phone" plan (see link far left).

Does a vacation in the Cayman Islands have to be very expensive?

Although Cayman does tend to be a more "upscale" tourist destination, you don't have to be wealthy to vacation here. Once you've shopped around for affordable airfare, choose reasonably priced accommodations with a kitchen (like our Inn). Even if you dine out in the evenings, you'll save a lot on breakfasts, lunches, drinks and snacks. If your holiday period is flexible, check out our "Package Specials" and "Late Summer/Fall Rates".

What's the weather like on Grand Cayman
 -- what about hurricane season?

The weather here is typically sunny, warm and beautiful, all year round. It's hottest between mid-July and mid-September, and it's rarely below 80F during even "winter" days, when evenings can drop as low as 70F. There's usually little rain, even during the rainy/hurricane season (June 1st to October 31st). With a couple of (serious) exceptions, hurricanes this century have been very rare. If visiting between August and October, you might consider travel insurance, to cover the cost of both airfare and hotel.

  Aerial view of Grand Cayman. Welcoming arriving visitors at Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman. George Town harbour. Arrivals terminal at Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
On and around the island
  Panoramic shot of George Town, near the harbour. Views of Grand Cayman. Aerial shot of tour boats at Stingray City sandbar.
Will we be driving on the same side of the road as in the USA?

No, in the Cayman Islands you'll be driving on the left side of the road -- like in Britain, Japan, India, Jamaica, etc. It won't take long to get used to, especially if you rent a non-US car, equipped with right-hand steering. Overtaking is safer, and it's more difficult to forget which side of the road to drive on. Entering and exiting parking lots is really all that'll take a little concentration -- just remember to stay to the left!

Is there a speed limit in the Cayman Islands -- are seat belts required?

Yes, there are varying speed limits posted, and we'd caution you not to exceed them by more than 10 mph -- if you're caught, it can be quite costly. This applies as well to seat belts (up to a CI$500 fine), which were made compulsory in 1998. Although the speedometer in many rental cars may be in kilometres-per-hour, posted speed limits are all in miles-per-hour, and you'd multiply by ".6" (e.g., 50 kmh is about 30 mph).

Is insurance coverage mandatory when
renting a car?
How much does
Avis charge?

No, it can be waived, but we suggest doing so only if you have alternate protection. Many credit cards (e.g. Visa Gold Card), when used for payment of the rental car, do provide automatic insurance coverage, and your insurance policy back home may also be valid. But, if you do opt for insurance with Avis -- decided upon when you pick up the car, and paid directly to Avis -- Public Liability (LDC) is available seperately, as is Collision (CDW). You can opt for one-way, two-way, or none.  Current insurance coverage rates are available at the Avis Grand Cayman website, listed according to car class.

Are there areas in Cayman to be avoided by a single, female traveller?

Along with Cuba, the Cayman Islands is probably the safest tourist destination in the Caribbean, with crimes against visitors extremely rare. You can feel secure walking alone anywhere, anytime of day or night. Which isn't to say that we'd leave a camera or a cell phone exposed in our car. There's no sense tempting anyone needlessly, so we do encourage guests to leave their car and apartment locked when not in them.

Are stores and supermarkets
in Cayman open late and on weekends?

Stores are generally open from about 9:00am to 5:00 or 6:00pm, six days a week, although some close about 1:00pm on Saturday. The supermarkets keep longer hours, and are open from 7:00am to 11:00pm, Monday to Saturday. Except for restaurants, gas stations (which often include a convenience store), and a number of shops catering to cruiseship passengers, most businesses and all supermarkets are closed on Sunday.

Can we buy wine and beer at the supermarket?

No. Beer, wine and spirits are sold at licensed liquor stores, privately owned and located throughout Grand Cayman. They're closed on Sunday, but open generally from 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Saturday. However, alcoholic beverages are sold at restaurants and hotels, seven days a week.

We've heard that Cayman restaurants are quite pricey -- is this true?

Like restaurants throughout the Caribbean, they tend to be more expensive than in North America. But Grand Cayman boasts a very broad selection of dining spots, including many reasonably-priced ones, so it is possible to dine out on a budget. One could manage two to three meals a day quite comfortably on as low as CI$35-40 (about US$45), including gratuity, but excluding booze. See "Island Dining" (far left)

What is the standard tipping practice in Cayman restaurants?

Many restaurants will automatically add 15% to your bill as gratuity, which is the going rate. Of course, you're encouraged to leave more if the service is particularly efficient and pleasant. Before leaving a tip, make sure that it's not already included. Tipping policy is usually posted on the menu, and on the bill itself. If you don't see it, just ask! And, if paying in CI$, make sure that you don't pay the often posted (and higher) US$ total!

What and
when is

Pirates Week is a multi-day, annual festival with fireworks, street dancing, heritage days, a pirate ship landing, golf tournaments, childrens activities, and many other events. It's now scheduled towards the beginning of November, and lasts about ten days. For more details about the next festival, please visit their website at

Are there
nude beaches on Grand Cayman?

Topless and nude bathing is illegal in the Cayman Islands, as in other British colonies like Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands, etc. Nevertheless, there are a number of secluded beaches in less developed parts of the island where people have gotten away with it.

Are there casinos in Cayman?

No, there are no casinos in the Cayman Islands, and no legalised form of gambling. If you're into casinos while on holiday in the Caribbean, you might want to consider the Bahamas, St. Maarten (the Dutch-ruled half of St. Martin), Turks and Caicos, etc.

What about beauty spas?

Yes, there are several of them. For a list of names, location, services offered and phone numbers, just click on Beauty Spas.

  Relaxing on the beach at Rum Point. A blue iguana, exclusive to Grand Cayman. World-class scuba diving around Grand Cayman. The old and the new in George Town harbour -- a fisherman and a cruiseship.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Booking at the Inn
  Cayman's colourful flora and fauna. A spectacular Cayman sunset. Excellent snorkelling, right off the beach at Turtle Nest Inn. One of Grand Cayman's many friendly stingrays.
Where is
the Inn
Is it in
the Seven
Mile Beach area?

Turtle Nest Inn is pretty much at the geographical centre of Grand Cayman, 10 miles east of George Town and the airport, and about midway to East End and Rum Point. Seven Mile Beach is just west of George Town, while the Inn is in Bodden Town, on a quieter and more secluded sandy beach away from the tourist crowds. In the SMB area, you'll mostly run into tourists, and very few natives. It's the opposite in Bodden Town -- as one of our guests from Texas put it, this is an area perhaps more appealing to the "traveller" than to the tourist. The exact coordinates of the Inn are 19°16"35'N by 81°15"3'W.

Is Turtle
Nest Inn
a good spot
for a couple
on their honeymoon?

While we may be biaised, we can't think of a more tranquil and romantic tourist facility on Grand Cayman, and virtually every guest who's honeymooned here has fully agreed (see "Guest Comments" in far left margin). However, if you're into a honeymoon with action and nightlife on the premises, and lots of other tourists, you may prefer a big hotel on Seven Mile Beach. Of course, with a rental car, all nightclubs and restaurants on the island are easily accessible from the Inn. The island is only 22 miles long.

Is there Internet access at the Inn, or from each apartment, and at what cost?

There's wireless high-speed Internet access (free of charge) from everywhere in and around the Inn and condos. And, if your laptop isn't equipped with a wireless network card, you can rent an adaptor allowing you access from your apartment via a wired connection. However, if you'd prefer not dragging your computer along, there is an available computer in the upper lobby with high-speed Internet access.  Twenty-four hour access to the computer is at very reasonable rates -- on a daily or weekly basis.

How do we inquire about availability, or book a stay?

Simply click on "Inquiry/Contact" (far left margin), and you'll find our phone and fax numbers, mailing address, e-mail address, and a convenient submission form. Should you not receive a reply to the form within 48 hours, please resend your inquiry by clicking on one of the e-mail addresses listed.

How do we pay when booking?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, and to process a deposit on your card, we require the credit card number and the expiry date.

Is there a restaurant
at the Inn?

No, there's no restaurant at the Inn, but each apartment and condo is equipped with its own full kitchen, there's an excellent gas BBQ on our beach for guests' use, and there are around 150 dining spots around the island.

Are all units
at the Inn & Condos beachfront units?

Most are, but there are three apartments and four condos which are "ocean view", rather than "beachfront". These partial-view units offer a view of the Caribbean from the balcony or patio. The beachfront apartments and condos offer superb ocean views, and directly overlook our sandy beach, pool, and the Caribbean Sea. All condos have a ground-floor patio, while the beachfront condos have two balconies, as well.

How many guests can sleep in your aparments?

Although ideal for two guests, our one-bedroom apartments sleep up to four, with two in the bedroom, and two on the double sofa-bed. We have lodged up to five with the addition of an air mattress. Our rates, though, are based on lodging two, with a nightly supplement for each additional person over twelve years old. The small, village-view room sleeps two.

How many guests can sleep in your

Although often booked by just two guests, our condos can sleep up to six, with two on the queen sofa-bed in the living room. Two of our beachfront condos have two queen sofa-beds, and can sleep up to eight. Our rates, though, are based on lodging four, with a nightly supplement for additional guests thirteen years and older. Each condo is on two floors, with two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, plus a powder room.

Just one- or
two-bedroom units?

There is a small, village-view room for two -- basically a very small hotel room, and our least expensive unit. It's well-equipped, with its own full bathroom, and one queen bed. This is our only unit that doesn't have a kitchen (and no sea view at all).

How are your apartments

Although furnished similarly, and having the same features, no two apartments at Turtle Nest Inn are laid out identically. You can get an idea of some layouts right here at our website by taking a look at a few sample floorplans. There are also interior photos.

Do you
offer any packages?

Since every apartment has a full kitchen, we do not offer packages that include meals. and we can't help with airfare. However, we do feature excellent package deals that include car rental, with an extensive choice of models all picked up right at the airport.

Is there a fixed day of arrival?

There are no preset weeks at the Inn, no minimum stay, and no specific day of arrival. You can arrive and depart on any day of the week, subject only to availability.

Are toddlers
and children welcome at the Inn?

Yes, children are very welcome at the Inn, and there's no charge for kids twelve years old and under. For toddlers at the Inn, there's a "fold-a-crib"/playpen, a booster chair, and a number of beach toys. We take pride in catering to singles, couples, honeymoon couples, and families -- and any party fitting between these categories...

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we allow guests to have one dog or cat per apartment, subject to a number of regulations and restrictions, as suggested by the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

we reserve
a stay at
the Inn
through our travel agent?

You can, and you won't pay any more than when reserving directly -- unless you're booking accommodations that are featured at our website as reduced-price promotions. Of course, we prefer you reserving directly with the Inn. Accurate and up-to-date availability status and rates are immediately accessible, with less chance of any booking errors...and we save the travel agent commission! But, if you feel more comfortable going through an agent, rest assured that you'll be welcomed here just as warmly.

Cayman hotels
seem to
charge a 6 to
10% "service
-- do you?

No, Turtle Nest Inn & Condos -- and our affiliated properties -- are the rare exceptions among island hotels and condos. The Inn offers full maid service, five days a week, but it's included in our rates. There's also no daily "resort fee" as there is at some hotels. The only extra is the government-imposed Accommodation Tax of 13% -- the only sales tax in the Cayman Islands. If you're happy with the maid service, you can, of course, leave your housekeeper a gratuity. We'd suggest between 3% and 6%, but you can use your own disgression, and we're certain that, no matter what the amount, it would be appreciated.

Not sure
what to pack -- what
amenities do your
apartments come
equipped with?

Each kitchen is fully equipped, with full range (oven and four cooktops), microwave oven, fridge, toaster, coffeemaker, blender, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery. There's also a hair dryer and an alarm clock. Each unit comes with all linen, beach towels, toilet paper, soap, facial tissues, shampoo, bubble bath, as well as trash bags, filters for the coffeemaker, paper towels, dish detergent, and salt and pepper -- all refreshed every weekday. There's also candles and matches, to add a little romantic ambience to your dinners, and you can borrow an iron and ironing board, and even an electric corn-popper! For those with young children, a "fold-a-crib"/playpen is available, a booster chair and beach toys.

What if
the Inn is
fully booked

Please have a look at our affiliated properties by clicking on "Our Affiliates" (far left margin). And, if these aren't suitable, there's a list of hotel guides, at "Tourist Links" (far left margin), where you'll find just about every tourist facility in the Cayman Islands.

What is your cancellations policy?

As a small, independent hotel in the Caribbean, our policy is perhaps a little less flexible than that of the large hotels. The deposit we require is transferable, but nor refundable. So, it's important to read our full policy at "Rates and Accommodations" (far left margin).

  Arriving at the entrance to Turtle Nest Inn... pulling into the Inn parking lot... heading into the Inn's lobby... the Caribbean Sea greeting you through the Inn's lobby.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
In & around the Inn
  Under a palm tree at Turtle Nest Inn. The Inn's seaside pool. The Inn shot while snorkelling off the beach. The Inn and pool shot from the beach.
At what
time can
we check-in, and at what time do we have to leave the Inn?

Check-in is guaranteed no later than 4:00pm, with check-out at noon. The four-hour spread is required for the very thorough housekeeping that is our standard when preparing accommodations for the next guests. Of course, some flexibility is possible with prior notice, subject to the departure/arrival times of the previous/following guests. And, those arriving earlier are certainly welcome -- we'll gladly store your luggage for you until your accommodations are ready, and you're free to use the common facilities of the Inn (public washrooms, pool, beach, terrace, etc.). The same applies to late-departing guests.

Is there
housekeeping service like at the large
hotels; is this
at any extra cost?

Full housekeeping is done in our apartments, every day from Monday to Friday.  This service is included in our rates even though there's no "service charge" at the Inn like there is in virtually all of the island's large hotels and condo complexes. And, we believe that you'll find our housekeepers much more thorough than those employed in most other hotels -- with more attention to detail, more respect for your belongings, and a real personal touch. There's no housekeeping on Saturday and Sunday, but our office staff will be happy to tend to any particular needs you may have, like replacing your beach towels.

Is there
housekeeping service at the condos?

Full housekeeping is done before you arrive, and after you leave. You'll find a full second set of linen and towels on hand, and you have your own dishwasher, washer and dryer, iron, etc.  Housekeeping service is available during your stay as an extra-cost option, but must be reserved at least a day in advance.

Are there grocery and liquor stores around
the Inn?

There are two convenience stores and two liquor stores within walking distance, but serious grocery shopping is best done at one of the large supermarkets. There are three right on your route as you drive from the airport to the Inn, and they're all open from 7:00am till 10:00pm, but closed on Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. On all other official holidays, they're open only from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Are we
limited to the beach
at the Inn
& Condos?

All beaches in the Cayman Islands are public, so you're welcome to stroll on, or swim from any beach you please, regardless of where you're staying. Although the Inn & Condos have their own beach, and you can walk a couple of miles beyond in either direction, it's a short drive to try out others, including Seven Mile Beach, Smith's Cove, Rum Point, etc.

Can kids
snorkel off the
Inn beach?

Yes, anyone can snorkel at the Inn, thanks to the reef-protected waters. The sea within our reef is no more than 5-6' deep. For more information on snorkelling at the Inn, click on "Snorkelling" (far left margin).

Are there
spots near
the Inn?

Yes, there are a few within walking distance, including Sea Side Paradise, and two very good and inexpensive jerk chicken stands within a mile of the Inn. There are also a couple of more complete dining spots a few miles down the road by car. See our more extensive list at "Island Dining" (far left margin).

How can
we be
from home
our stay
at the Inn?

During office hours -- 9:00am to 5:30pm EST -- you can be phoned at the Inn's central number (345.947.8665) and we'll transfer the call to your apartment. If you're out, the caller can leave a message retrievable from your apartment. You can receive faxes at 345.947.6379, and e-mail messages at , but your name must appear as the subject of either. At any time day or night, you can be phoned directly at 345.749.2222, but the caller will be prompted to dial your apartment number, so you must provide your contacts with your single-digit room or apartment number after arrival.

Will it be
costly for me
to regularly
my office?

Phone company rates in the Cayman Islands are generally quite high, although the mark-up added at the Inn is probably the lowest of any hotel here. However, if you intend on making more than a couple of calls to the US or to Canada -- or to any other country -- the Inn offers an exclusive "World Phone" service (far left margin) that's an incredible deal, and much less costly than long-distance calls from any other hotel, anywhere in the world!

Is each unit
at the Inn equipped
with a TV;
any Pay-TV

Each unit at the Inn is equipped with 95-channel HDTV (plus another 45 music channels), a DVD/VHS/CD-player. And there's a free lending library of over six hundred films on DVD and VHS. Channels accessible on TV include CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, BBC, FOX, HBO, MAX, USA, A&E, the History channel, Disney, a cartoon channel, National Geographic, and many others. No need for Pay-TV! There are also a number of video stores around the island, but we doubt you'll need them.

Will we find more info once we arrive
at the Inn?

Every unit at the Inn & Condos has available a very detailed and informative "Guest Information" binder, which includes instructions for operating all electronic and other devices, information on snorkelling, where to find common conveniences and facilities (kayak, washer, dryer, iron, etc.), recommended dining spots, etc.


While there are no babysitters on staff at the Inn, there is an available service on the island with trained sitters who'll come to the Inn. Please let us know of your needs after arrival, and we'll help you with arrangements.

at the Inn?

There's a token-operated washer and dryer in the ground floor laundry room (off the Inn lobby), as well as an iron and ironing board that you can borrow for use in your apartment. Tokens for the washer and dryer are sold at the Inn office, with detergent on hand at no charge. However, each condo has its own washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board.

Are there safes available?

Not in each apartment and condo, but at the office we do have facilities for the safe-keeping of your valuables. They can be stored and accessed anytime during office hours.

beach chairs, parasols?

Yes, there are adjustable lounge chairs, patio chairs, large and small tables, and beach parasols available for guests, free of charge, and normally kept around the pools. Guests are welcome to use them on the sandy beach, but we do ask that you return them after.

Is there
water sports equipment for rent or loan at
the Inn?

There's snorkel gear you can borrow, and there's a two-seat sea kayak available for guests to use off of our beach, both at no charge. We do have a fairly good collection of masks, snorkels, beach shoes and fins at the Inn, and guests can access them during office hours -- for use at the Inn, or elsewhere on the island. Of course, nothing beats your own stuff if you already have it, and can bring it along.

Is there
a fitness centre
at the Inn
or elsewhere
on the
island, with
short-term memberships?

With only eighteen rental units at the Inn, we have neither the resources nor the space for a fitness centre, although walking along the beach, jogging close by, swimming and kayaking are all healthy forms of exercise available in and around the Inn, at no charge at all. However, you can join one of the island's gyms on a weekly basis, including Kings Sport Complex. It's the most conveniently accessible from Bodden Town -- just past the Grand Harbour (Hurley's) shopping centre, with no need to go as far as George Town.  It's just a couple of years old, and very well equipped, but there are other well-established fitness centres in and around George Town offering short-term subscriptions..

  A glimpse of the Caribbean through one of the arches on the Inn terrace. Excellent snorkelling right off the Inn beach. A spectacular sunrise shot from the Inn's beach. A turtle spotted while snorkelling at the Inn.

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