Cayman's Quincentennial: 500 Years of History
George Town harbour in the early 1960's. Aerial view of George Town in the 1960's.
Seven Mile Beach in 1950.  No crowds!!! Turtle fishing at the George Town dock in 1958.

Many myths exist about the history of these islands, partly because few written records were kept in the early years, either by Spain or Britain. The Cayman Islands celebrated their Quincentennial in 2003, a time to look over the records that do exist, treasure them and all the building blocks that have led to the Caribbean nation that we either live in or visit today. This is an excellent occasion for us to better understand our first five hundred years of history, from Columbus' first sighting of these uninhabited islands in 1503, when he named them "Las Tortugas" (the turtles), to the Quincentennial celebrations. Please click on the links (to the left) for rare photos, significant dates, and details of how we celebrated our Quincentennial in 2003. 

Shedden Road in George Town, in the 1950's. The main Post Office in central George Town, in the early 1950's.