"World Phone":  Exclusively at Turtle Nest Inn & Condos

   You'd like to stay in touch with the kids, other family members, or even the the pet-sitter -- especially if it's the first time you've managed to "escape" from it all? You have to stay in touch with clients, work colleagues, or keep on top of an important project that you're involved in? But no one enjoys paying the often exhorbitant hotel charges or roaming cell rates for long-distance calls. At Turtle Nest Inn & Condos, we offer a service called "World Phone" which we believe to be unique among hotels around the world. You'll no longer have to face a "stick-up", and have to choose between "your money or your life"! You can now keep both! For a fixed fee of CI$29.95 for an entire week, you can make unlimited phone calls to anywhere in the USA and Canada, day and night. But, there's a limited number of "World Phone" lines installed at the Inn, so reserving one when you book your stay -- or at least in advance of your arrival -- is strongly suggested.  Aside from guaranteeing availability, this also allows us to have the line in your apartment or condo activated and ready to use as soon as you arrive. Should you decide at any point during your stay to have the "World Phone" activated, please come to the office. A daily rate of CI$8.95 applies for three days activation or less.